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KB Rotacon Leveller

KB Rotacon Leveller


A new concept in levelling the KB Rotacon Leveller levels quickly and economically.

Originally designed for levelling operations where traditionally land planes would be used and for use to finish after laser levelling. This machine is now also used as a cultivation tool to prepare fine and firm seed beds.

In minimum till and broad acre farming, uses include breaking and shattering dry grasses for re seeding, rubbing in grass seeds and sub clover seeds or rubbing down stubbles to initiate decomposing. Pugging damage in annual pastures can be successfully flattened without cultivation.

The machine is constructed around the main pipe which is very rigid to maintain straightness of the cutting edge. It can be used with the working wheels as support or the rubbing edge under the main pipe 200mm behind the cutting edge or a combination of both. The machine action and working depth is accurately and easily controlled.

The extremely rigid hitch ensures stable operation even on hard rough surfaces. In a few seconds, without leaving the cab, the operator can return the machine from its 12m (40ft) working width to its 2.4m (8ft) transport width and back.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior levelling to Grader Boards.
  • Working widths - 9m (30ft), 12m (40ft), 18m (60ft).
  • Used in worked or unworked conditions to level.
  • Breaks clods and firm soil to an ideal seed bed.
  • Ideal for sub paddocks.
  • Restore irrigation bays without the need to work or re-laser.
  • Suitable for tractors from 100 - 300 HP
  • Folds for transport quickly without leaving the tractor
  • Ideally suited to linkage tractors - 9m (30ft) and 12m (40ft).
  • Great Leveller 18m (60ft) suited for drawbar use.
  • The ability to work in trashy conditions that conventional graders cannot.

Size:  12m (40ft)


Used in worked or unworked conditions