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KB Grader Board

KB Grader Board leveller

Features & Benefits

The KB Grader Board is the efficient and proven approach to various operations associated with irrigation and dry land farming. Designed with the strength needed for maintenance free fast economical operation, with high horse power tractors.

  • Land Levelling – save time and money over conventional land planes.
  • Eliminate Ridging – caused by other implements.
  • Break Down Clods – reduce the number of workings by using after chisel plough, ripper and disc.
  • Level and Firm Seed Beds – Use prior to sowing for better moisture retention, even sowing and germination.
  • Melon Holes – for even the most uneven conditions the truly economical way of making melon hole country workable.
  • Tractors from 100 – 300 HP
  • One person folding or opening in approx. 2 mins.
  • Only one set hydraulics’ required.
  • Easy towing within the width of towing vehicle.
  • Low maintenance
  • Huge cost savings when used to prepare for sowing.
  • Adjustable tilt on blade to suit work and horse power.
  • Reversible cutting edge.
  • Ball pull using 1 ½ “ pin incorporating shear bolt protection plus large solid pull for larger drawbar pins.
  • Wheels adjustable and quickly changes from front to rear if required.

Size: 12m (40ft)

In action


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